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Army wives viewers what happened to Joan and Roland in the last episode?
Why were they sick? So sick they had to lay on the floor and could not stand?
Roland had planned a romatic dinner and bought some bad oysters and they both got sick.
Army wives viewers, what do you think of that mean army wife not wanting to give money for that poor girl?
How could anybody be so heartless?
she's a b*^#h, and she knows she is. Just like the first season, the woman that was Claudia Joy's rival and the one spreading lies about Pamela, the one who's husband bombed the bar, it's going to be another one of those, hopefully without the explosion. Those two women who were sitting with her, are just like the one's in the first season.
Army wives viewers, do you think Roxy should close the bar and stay home with her guyren as her husband...?
her to do? There is no doubt Roxy is a good mother, but maybe it would be better for her family as her husband is in war and she is wasting more money than making it. I know she could wind up making a lot of money but her husband wants her to stay home with the guyren and make more guyren. He never had the experience of having babies and I think wants it.
I don't think either of them should have to give up their dreams... The Hump Bar is what keeps Roxy going-- it's her outlet! All Trevor thinks of is the downside of it and that he does want to have more guys. He doesn't consider that he won't be the one staying home, raising another guy. Military spouses are like single parents when their significant other is deployed. It's a lot to take on! I believe Roxy and Trevor just need to work on communicating better, instead of making decisions without talking to each other first. :-)
Do some directors put their hot wives in movies to gain more viewers?
Like Rob Zobie for example. He puts his hot wife in most of his movies, I think he does it to get more people to watch. Ever heard of "sex sales"? Notice he doesn't mind having his wife strip teasing and showing her butt in his films. Do some guys do, have their attractive girlfriends/wives in their movies to gain more male viewers?
It's either that, or the guys want to be sure of where their wives are at all times. Or maybe the wives will work cheap.
TLC viewers, how do you feel when you see the "Sister wives" commercial about that polyamorous family?
Personally I find it disgusting what do you guys think about it and why?
It makes me sick to my stomach.
I really do not understand these women!
Army wives viewers do u think the man who tried to rape Claudia was Pamala's stocker?
Was that Pamala who shot the gun through the window. Wow, that shocked me; I did not think he was that type of person even after he showed her affection! That was scary! But this show is getting great; it really gets you hooked!
No. He wasn't Pamela's stalker. I gathered that he was from unnamed Central or South American country, but he'd been old friends with Claudia Joy and her husband.

She picked something up and clobbered him, I believe.

Pamela, a former cop, was back at the shooting range practicing. She's gonna be ready for that stalker. I believe he calls himself "Tim", doesn't he?

So, next week is the season finale, and we have to learn what happens to Joan, what happens to Roxie and Trevor, and what kind of decision Denise makes about her "separation", in addition to what Claudia Joy did to the attempted rapist and what Pamela intends to do about the stalker.

Should be a really powerful episode, just full of cliff-hangers to leave us waiting anxiously for next season.
Army wives viewers, what was up with denise?
That episode got me so mad I had to shut it off; and did not finish watching it. I got so mad at the author of this tv show. She is an army wife and she is strong enough to handle her husband in war and her son in war, but she cannot handle her son finding the best thing in ther world, what everybody wants out of life, somebody to spend the rest of their lives with. If it was Claudia I could see it (although I do love Claudia, she seems to be a more overprotective, still her daugher is younger and a girl), but Denise seems more open minded than that. I was hoping she would be kind to her future daughter in law; I mean she should understand that she would be nervous meeting her future mother in law and it was unfortunate that it had to be by herself, but I guess the circumstance called for it. The reason this is a sensitive topic to me is because I almost got married to somebody I was in love with and his mother interfered, which destroyed our relationship, so I will make sure I never to the same. Plus I think being army wives (and it Denise's case army moms) they go through so much, I would be more upset about my son going to war, especially after he has gone through. And its not like her son is so perfect either; besides he fights a war, I think he could handle anthing else. I bet if it was Amanda she would have welcomed her in the family, but since it was somebody she does not know, its like she cannot open her mind. I hate close mindedness and that is not the side of Denise that I like, I always liked her better than Claudia or Pamala for that reason. It does not matter how long you know somebody, if you love them you love them. My sister moved in with her boyfriend after they knew each other for a few months and now they are engaged and the family is happy for them.
any mother would be concerned if their son decided to marry someone they've only known for 4 weeks. I'm sure once she gets to know her, she will come around.
TLC Viewers What do you Think about the Show Sister Wives airing on this Channel?
I think its terrible TLC and Hallmark are Family oriented They shouldnt allow it.
I think it's an outrage. My jaw literally dropped when I saw the preview for that show. I can't believe TLC has stooped that low. They canceled or put "One Big Happy Family" on hiatus because of the controversy surrounding it; what do they think is gonna happen with this show?!
Army wives viewer, do you think what denice did could even be fairly called cheating?
I know she didn't say she would see other people, but she was not planning on that and THEY WERE SEPARETED!
I don't think so but, they were still technically still married. I think this storyline is particularly interesting and a bit unfair. I don't believe that if Frank had done the exact same thing he would have been on the hot seat as much as Denice has......just my opinion.
Army wives viewers, what do you think of Claudia Joy slaming the door on Deniss' face after all she did for...?
her? I know what she did was stupid, but it was not that bad. She should have just said it was not true to her boss.
Of course Claudia Joy was in the wrong for slamming the door in Denise's face. I think Claudia Joy had a lot on her plate as well and really didn't mean it. If it were me I would still be her friend depsite the seemingly bad decisions she made. Friendships are relationships too..there not always perfect but if you truely care about that friend you will always stick by their side through good and bad times.

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