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Which mini micro bikini is hotter? Maybe not these exact styles but basic ideas.?
It will not be warn in public. Just pick the one you think looks hotter.

Geez that is a tough call, they are all good. I'm gonna run to the bathroom to "meditate" on that one.
Which mini micro bikini is hotter?
I like the first one.

Your husband is a lucky dude.
Sewing Pattern for a Micro Bikini/Dancer Outfit!?!?
I need a bikini/dancer outfit sewing pattern, HELP!!!?
I need to find a micro mini bikini / dancer outfit style with the low t or v back thong and the bikini that ties around your neck and back..... I need a sewing pattern to start making them!! Can anyone help me? an example of the pattern I am looking for is such as this item in this url....


Thank you!!
Kwik Sew is probably your best bet. This pattern here: www.kwiksew.com/catalog/cat_detai… is a string bikini pattern that is quite simple to make. From their lingerie page there's a pattern for thong: www.kwiksew.com/catalog/cat_detai… There's also a site called "pattern school" and it teaches how to make swimwear patterns. once you know a few basics then making whatever you want is easy, you n o longer need to rely on buying patterns www.patternschool.com/ if you click on lazy people patterns on the top navigation bar there's a pattern for a string bikini top.
Which type of panties are preferable to wear with a micro-mini-skirt? What is your preferences and why ?
I've a fondness for ruffles and lacy string bikini panties. But think is depends on whar kind of booty you got, that makes a guy weak in his knees when you "happen to cross his path".

* giggles
thongs, g-strings, string bikinis....something that won't leave lines, although, some guys LOVE the little white cotton panties too. just ask my hubby... :)
On a Carnival Cruise from Miami, is Mini Micro G-String Bikini acceptable to wear at the ship's pool?
My wife and I are going on an "Adult" themed vacation this May and I am planning on cramming her tight, sexy little body into the TINIEST bikini ever. It's white and see through when it's wet too. Can she wear this on-board at the pool and not get us kicked off the ship? (The cruise's dress code policy is pretty flimsy at best).

I'm also curious about the islands...(Grand Turk, Half Moon Cay, and Nassau), I plan on having her in as little as possible the entire trip...Is this ok on the islands too? I don't want to get arrested and have her Gang Banged by the entire police force, well actually, that might be fun to watch :)

Are there any tricky laws that I need to be concerned about? Like, having sex on the beach means they will castrate you...you know, stuff that might make a difference to know. Thanks!
That is not going to work on the cruise ship. They will deffinately have her put something on. There are guys around. As far as the beaches in the Bahamas I don't think that will work either. Nudity or almost nude is a no no. You should have taken a cruise or trip to St. Martin. They have an exclusive nude beach there called Orient Beach which is on the French side. Topless sun bathing is also acepted on the beaches on the French side. Good luck and Bon Voyage I left you a good site that details your ports of call.
What do guys consider a sexy way for a woman to dress?
This question came up when I bought a mini skirt for summer- I live in rural QLD Aussie and it gets very hot. I dont usually wear them and my husband said he liked the way I looked in pretty knee lengh boho skirts instead. He also said that him and friends agree when they see a girl in a micro mini they think that she is easy- regardless of the way she looks, presents herself. I dont understand this because it is so hot in Aussie that when you go to the Coast nearly every girl is wearing one and I think they look sexy. T o this my husband replied bikinis and minis are o.k. for the coast but they look tarty on women in the country/city. So Guys, Do you think that where you live should influence the way a woman dresses? For example, Are micro minis for coastal wear only? What do you guys think looks sexy on a woman? And I mean clothes not lingere...
First of all try to change view of ur husband.Husbands are allways very concious about their wifes,By seeing others something starts running in their mind,And as a guy never wants that the same should run in other guy mind ,He try to pretend that he is caring for u,So my suggestion is to just make ur husband broad minded,And wear what aver U want to wear according to the place or environment u live around.
What do u think of this pair of micro mini shorts?
i'm thinking of buying this pair of shorts online.. planning to wear them to a water theme park.

do u think its nice? is it too revealing?


the colors available here


which color do u think looks great?

i'm gonna wear this pair with this bikini, the green one


they're from wicked weasel wickedweasel.com/
have u ever bought stuffs online from them before? how is the quality of the product?
If you feel comfy in them go for it. They look great.
What you pick to wear at a exotic beach?
Ok here is the thing me and my husband are going to an exotic beach pretty soon. the place that we are staying is pretty private. I been wanting to go out and try out my new micro bikinis,i also have a sheer mini tube top,and some really short shorts. i have the body to pull it off. you got any other ideas and outfits?
Accessorize your bikini's,
wear a big chunky necklace and a sarrong, and some big shades.

Have a nice time :)

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